Budget Ideas for Creating Shade in Nature

Budget Ideas for Creating Shade in Nature
Photo by Meg Jenson on Unsplash

If you went on a picnic in the park, but you are afraid that you will burn or it will be hot for you to sit in direct sunlight, then there are several shade solutions.


The simplest option that comes to mind is to take an awning. You can install the same one in your yard. Thanks to its mobility, you can clean it in the cold season, as well as take it with you on a trip or on a picnic. To install it, you need enough trees or poles.

Such a woven awning will protect you from harmful ultraviolet light and save you from burns.

take an awning
Photo by Uriel Mont from Pexels

Canopy under a tree

A very beautiful and stylish place to relax can be made by buying a few meters of light fabric. Sew a canopy of suitable length from it to fix it on a branch, and the fabric at the same time reaches the ground. You will only have to lay a blanket or carpet under a tree, secure the edges of the canopy around the perimeter of your recreation area with some weights and enjoy the shade. If you use tulle, it will not be stuffy and dark under such a canopy. In addition, it is a good protection against mosquitoes.

You can add a canopy decor to make it more atmospheric. Colorful pillows on which you can sit and garlands will do.


beach umbrella
Image by Alexa from Pixabay

Another way to make a place to relax in the shade and not tie it to the same place is a beach umbrella. You can purchase a model with a stable base or make it yourself. Under such an umbrella it will be possible to place a small table and several chairs, a couple of sun beds or just throw a blanket on the grass.

If you want to have picnics in the backyard every weekend, then you can find suitable options for you on the shade-n-net.com and install a canopy to create a place to relax in the garden.