Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it Worth Moving to Dubai?

The popularization of remote work has expanded the capabilities of many employees, who began to move en masse to warm countries without being tied to a physical office. Among many options, moving to Dubai considering new projects in Al Furjan has become the most desirable. The country offers not only a comfortable climate, but also equally pleasant working conditions for remote workers.

Is it possible to move to Dubai today, and why does it attract people?

The United Arab Emirates includes seven separate autonomous territories, which have some differences in the way of life, laws and mentality of local residents. It’s quite easy for a remote worker with a stable income to move here, but that’s not the only thing that attracts those interested. There are actually several reasons:

  • - developed modern infrastructure;
  • - high standard of living, medicine, education, safety;
  • - open borders;
  • - multinationality;
  • - low inflation;
  • - included in the ranking of countries with a high development index;
  • - opportunities for development, work and leisure.

Some facts may become an obstacle to moving, for example, high temperatures in the summer, desert terrain, harsh laws with a religious agenda.

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Obtaining a visa to the UAE

The first question every remote worker asks is whether emigrating to Dubai is worth the effort, time and money. Answering this question is not easy, and when answering it there are several factors to consider:

  • - professional sphere;
  • - level of professional skill;
  • - family status;
  • - life style;
  • - level of financial wealth.

A beautiful, exotic, modern country with a high standard of living and you will have to spend a lot here. The main part of the expenses is housing. Approximately 40% of the budget is spent on paying for it. Don't forget about national religion. Islam has very strict laws that visitors must abide by. For tourists, of course, they make concessions, but you still have to show respect for culture and traditions. In addition to this, there are other important features:

  • - Emiratis do not accept the use of tobacco, alcohol and the use of profanity in public places;
  • - the country has strict requirements for appearance, especially for women;
  • - it is not permitted to bring objectionable or offensive material into the country in any format.

If a foreigner does not take compliance with these standards seriously enough, he may receive serious fines, or even a prison sentence, which will inevitably entail deportation.

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How much money does each person need to move?

It is almost impossible to answer this question accurately. Each person has his own idea of wealth and different “appetites” for a comfortable life.

When planning your budget, do not forget that you need to set aside an amount to pay for housing that covers at least three months of living, if we are talking about rent. You will also need to pay for the services of a realtor, paperwork, and a deposit. One person will need approximately a thousand dollars to live in the Emirates for a month. This does not take into account the cost of real estate.