Discover Comptoir Gourmand Bakery in London

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Comptoir Gourmand, a Rich History

When we talk about Comptoir Gourmand, it’s more than just a bakery in London. It’s a saga that began nearly two decades ago when this French family landed in the city, armed with ancestral recipes and generations of savoir-faire. Their humble beginnings on Maltby Street evolved over time, allowing them to carve out a prestigious place in London’s gastronomic scene.

Tradition and Craftsmanship Above All

The moment you step into Comptoir Gourmand, the ambiance exudes tradition and craftsmanship. Every pastry, every loaf of bread, is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, celebrating the quality of ingredients and the authenticity of homemade goods.

Passion resonates through each creation, where traditional techniques blend with modern creativity to offer treats that are as visually stunning as they are palatably exquisite.

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The Wonderful World of Pastry


The sweet delights at Comptoir Gourmand transcend mere indulgence; they are edible works of art. Classics like croissants, chocolate twist, and pain aux raisins are reinvented with unmatched mastery, where every bite transports you to a sweet paradise.

While prices might not be the most budget-friendly, every penny spent is justified by the quality of ingredients, the time invested, and the immediate joy each bite brings.


Bread stands as another pride of this bakery. From sourdough loaves to French baguettes, each crumb unveils Comptoir Gourmand’s expertise in baking.

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Other Savories

For those craving savory flavors, Comptoir Gourmand also offers a selection of hot and cold dishes. Quiches, ham and cheese croissants, and more satisfy savory cravings while maintaining the same artisanal quality.

Events and Catering Service

Catering Service

Comptoir Gourmand also provides a high-quality catering service. From corporate catering to breakfasts, every event needs a gourmet and elegant touch..

Their expertise doesn’t just lie in the creation of delectable pastries but extends to curating memorable moments through gastronomic delights. They have a reputation for having one of the best breakfast catering in London.

London Bridge Venue

Comptoir gourmand also offers an event room hire service in London Bridge. Charmingly designed rooms can accommodate events of different sizes and types, adding an air of sophistication to every special occasion.

Meticulously designed rooms accommodate events of different sizes and types, ensuring that every special occasion is surrounded by an atmosphere of charm and refinement.

Every time you visit Comptoir Gourmand, you’re not just sampling pastries, but immersing yourself in a story where every crumb tells a tale of craftsmanship and shared joy.

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New Openings – Comptoir Cathedral

An Idyllic Setting

Comptoir Gourmand’s latest opening in a cathedral adds a new dimension to their repertoire. The atmosphere is simply magical, blending the grandeur of the location with the delicacy of pastries.

Quality Staff

But what’s most impressive, beyond the offered delights, is the staff. Always smiling, welcoming, and eager to share their passion for these creations, they add an invaluable human touch to this culinary experience.

Every visit to Comptoir Gourmand is an immersion into a world where tradition, quality, and passion converge to offer much more than a mere gustatory experience: it’s a journey into the heart of French culinary craftsmanship, where every crumb tells a tale of skill and shared pleasure.