Surfing in Morocco

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Сolourful cities with thousands of years of Oriental traditions and modern technologies of the West in the very centre represent Morocco. The country attracts by bright colours from the very first minutes, and you can see palm trees next to citrus trees on the streets.

The proximity of the desert, mountains and ocean delights opening this destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It is a perfect place for a vacation, you definitely won’t get bored. Where else can you ski in the mountains, surf in the ocean and wander through the desert sands at the same time of the year?

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Surf spots in Morocco

The surroundings of the Taghazut/Agadir region are dotted with world-class spots that work stably. From April to October, waves come rarely and are suitable only for beginners. Since October, winds start to come in a more serious way. But the good thing about surfing in Morocco is that both beginners and cool surfers can find waves to their taste and level here!


The place called Imsouane, where the Imsouane Morocco Surf Camp is based, deserves a separate story.

It is a small fishing town located on a remote promontory about halfway between Agadir and Esweira. Despite its reputation as a great surfing destination, the city still retains its charm and traditions. There is only a noisy fish market where you can buy seafood or ask to cook a delicious dinner in one of the restaurants.

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Imsouane has two beaches, some of the best in Morocco with incredibly clear water and yellow sand.

The most famous surfing spots in the area are The Bay, an incredible long right wave, and Cathedral, a reef break point. This place is not so well known, and can be an excellent alternative to the most popular spots in the country.

Spend the whole day on the beach, and you can always relax at Surf Hostel Imsouane Morocco.