Vacation at a Ski Resort in France

person doing skiing
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Unsurpassed France has an impressive set of resort places, abundantly scattered throughout the country’s mountain systems. Cities and towns offer tourists great opportunities for active winter sports and an unforgettable measured rest in high-altitude areas. The ski resorts of France offer a wide selection of various mountain serpentines and entertainment for every taste, modern infrastructure and an extensive ski area. One of these resorts is a ski resort in Megeve.

How to get to Megeve

People go to the ski resort in Megeve to ride the best of the best slopes of the Alps and see the peak of Mont Blanc. 300 km of trails for skiing give a lot of freedom of action, and the spruce and fir forests surrounding the resort give charm to its French antiquity. Today it is quite a democratic place with excellent skiing areas, wellness complexes and a lot of completely different entertainment in mood. Therefore, it is worth finding out How to get to Megeve in the most comfortable way.

megeve mountains
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By plane

It is most convenient to get to Megeve from Geneva, it is the only city in the district with an international arrival airport. Both direct and connecting flights fly to Geneva, and they are carried out not by one, but by several European companies at once.

Public transport

The distance between Geneva and Megeve is only 70 km. You can get to your chalet from Fée Pour Vous at the ski resort, both by public transport and by taxi. To get there by public transport, you need to take a train to the town of Sallanches, then transfer to the bus directly to Megeve. The total travel time, depending on the duration of the transfer, will be from 2 to 3 hours. Also, group bus shuttles run from Geneva Airport to many ski destinations.

persons on ski resort
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In a rented car

For independent travellers, the option of car rental at Geneva airport is also suitable. There are rental points of 10 different suppliers at once. To rent, you will need a passport, a driver’s license and a bank card to pay for services. Geneva and Megeve are connected by highway No. A40, the travel time is a little more than an hour.