What to Do in El Gouna Egypt & Hurghada for Family-friendly with Kids Afternoon?

el gouna
Photo by Yevhenii Foshchan on Unsplash

If you are looking for the most beautiful afternoon tours suitable for children, such as riding a camel in the desert and discovering the city of Hurghada at night, in addition to day trips, I recommend the experiences of visitors and tourists to get the best experiences with the family.

  1. Valley Of The Kings Tour or Overnight Trip to Luxor.
  2. Trip from Hurghada To Pyramids by Bus, Minvan.
  3. Orange bay Island Snorkeling Trip or Paradise Island.
  4. Dolphin House Snorkeling day Tour or Scuba Diving Boat Trip for beginners.
  5. Sunset Quad Biking Tour or Super Jeep Safari Trip.
  6. Parasailing or Horse Riding.
  7. Sindbad Submarine Tour or Royal Seascope Submarine Cruise.
  8. Grand Aquarium Tour or Makadi Water World.

Advantages of the Grand Aquarium Children’s Museum Tour:

  1. Gaining knowledge and discovering the types of Fish in Egypt and Sea Life Hurghada, where you can see more than 1000 species at one time and take memorial photos of them.
  2. A fun time for the kids to entertain and play in the zoo and the forest area around it.
  3. Watching all kinds of Red Sea sharks and turtles and discovering the secrets of marine life in a different way, which gives him more knowledge and develops his mind.
  4. Taking pictures with your mobile phone of your child with sea creatures in front of the glass panels, it is truly a unique and wonderful Experience for Children, and this is what parents are looking forward to, bringing fun and joy to their children while increasing the acquisition of knowledge at a young age.

Watch Dolphin Show

Wonderful paragraphs of fun and suspense when you see a group of dolphins presenting several different shows of jumping in the water, jumping between rings, drawing and dancing in the waters of the swimming pool, in addition to playing with their trainer.

two dolphins
Photo by Ranae Smith on Unsplash

A wonderful experience for children and fun, and you can photograph the paragraphs with your mobile phone while sitting.

What to Bring in Dolphin Show?

  • Hat, Sunglasses.
  • Get Your Passport or ID card.
  • Can Take Camera and Your Mobile.
  • Get Comfortable shoes.

Visit the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

A 30-45-minute tour inside the ancient temple of Queen Hatshepsut in Deir El Bahari to discover the ancient civilization of Egypt, how the life of the ancient Egyptians was, the Pharaohs, and see the huge Osroy statue and many secrets of the Pharaonic queen.

You can take pictures with your mobile phone or camera freely without additional fees.

by Luxor Day Trip from Soma Bay you will know more about Mortuary Temples, Zodiac in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths, Medicine in ancient Egypt.

Visit The valley of the kings

I advise you to wander around and enjoy your time, as you will derive positive energy and strength among the mountains in the ancient Valley of the Kings because of the secrets it contains of the life of the Pharaohs.

pyramids in egypt
Photo by Osama Elsayed on Unsplash

It is not allowed to take pictures with the camera or use the mobile flash, you can take pictures with your mobile phone.

There are tours offered by the guide, and you are free to accept or reject such as going shopping to buy souvenirs in the bazaars, alabaster factories in the Qurna region. Our goal is to bring you pleasure, not money, and you are free to wait in the bus or outside.

Why choose to book Luxor Day Trip Bay with us?

  • Luxury and VIP buses and modern models.
  • Competitive prices with high quality.
  • Professional tour guide and expert in the ancient Pharaonic civilization of Egypt.
  • Online follow-up from the beginning of the reservation and the trip until returning to the hotel in Soma Bay and Safaga.
  • Professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Treating like a family and our goal is to enjoy the trip, not the money.