How to get to Port Isaac?

Image by muzamil219 from Pixabay

Port Isaac is a picturesque fishing village located on the western coast of Cornwall. With a total area of 868 acres, it’s the largest village in Cornwall, and remains one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. One of the main attractions of Port Isaac is that the Cornwall moors can be accessed by car or by foot. A busy car-free town, Port Isaac boasts a good selection of restaurants, pubs, and shops. A visit to the village would be incomplete without a walk along the beach, which is always populated with families, pensioners, and students, who delight in eating, swimming, playing, and admiring the vast expanse of blue-green water and golden sand.

The next attraction is the nearby village of Charlottes, with its quaint little shops and stores. The Ville des Brionnes, built by King Louis XIV, is another favorite stop. Visiting this location is particularly popular among lovers of classical music. The Gorges de Lucillac is also worth visiting. Here one can stroll through the deep green meadows and watch the sun set over the dunes. A trip to the Lusitania National Park is also a must-do. Here one can climb, swim, climb, ride a horse, raft, and see some of the most impressive moors in the world.

The area of Cornwall is a beautiful place with perfect locations to spend a relaxing holiday with friends and family. A visit to Port Isaac is recommended and to make your holiday truly memorable you will definitely want to stay at one of the accommodation options in Cornwall. The accommodation choices are really superb, offering everything from comfortable, and modern camping to self-catering cottages.